PFOA/PFOS are chemicals that were used in the past in various industrial processes and were found in various consumer products. Though not used anymore, they are now being detected in the environment in drinking water and soil. In this video, REGENESIS Manager of Research and Development, Kristen Thoreson, discusses the US EPA’s current stringent environmental standards for PFOA and PFOS, as well as a remediation technology developed by REGENESIS that is useful for in situ plume containment, PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon.

Because PFOA and PFOS can form large, dilute plumes, and the EPA has very stringent, low standards for these contaminants, PlumeStop from REGENESIS is an extremely efficient groundwater remediation solution for this problem. Watch the video here to learn how PlumeStop might be the answer to stop PFOS/PFOA contaminant plumes from expanding.

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  • For more information PlumeStop’s ability to address PFOA/PFOS contamination, download the our PlumeStop Technical Bulletin 5.1.
  • For more information including a detailed white paper and technical bulletins on PlumeStop visit our PlumeStop page.
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