For Chris Jaros of EnviroForensics®, a full service environmental engineering firm and valued REGENESIS client, applying his more than 20 years of experience towards just one role or position is simply not enough. His expertise in both project management and in coordinating with municipalities, developers, and communities, allows him to fill key positions as both a Senior Project Manager and Brownfields Coordinator. Although working in two demanding roles at EnviroForensics can have its challenges, Jaros would not want it any other way. He feels his experience in the environmental consulting industry has prepared him well, for both positions. He shares, “I enjoy the technical aspects of my project work immensely – helping our projects advance through the various stages to achieve our client’s goals.  Most of my project work includes directing my portfolio of projects, developing/refining each project Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and ensuring that all stakeholders on any given project know what is going on, why we are doing what we do, and making sure regulators are on board with the work.” And when he shifts gears to his Brownsfield Coordinator role, he enjoys community relations and assisting with the various approvals and funding aspects that are required.  Jaros continues, “I’m quite comfortable engaging municipalities, brownfield directors, developers and planners to help them evaluate which properties are “brownfields”, and what can be done about them.  For me, this is the fun part of our work because we help get funding in place for those properties to get cleaned up.”

An Early Interest in the Environment

Jaros’ interest in our earth’s environment stems from experiences with his family, as a youth. His brother lived off the land, in the woods, for many years with an artesian spring piped to his house, solar panels for his home, and a creek running through his property.  His interest in the environment growing up would lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Valparaiso University.  Jaros shares, “In college I was involved in a Greenpeace type of group, and I helped our university start the first campus-wide recycling program.  I did a co-op in water resources and flood control, and then got into environmental consulting upon graduation with a national firm working on leaking underground storage tank (LUST) sites.   I chose to use my science background to help clean up the environment.” His experiences with the outdoors while growing up also spawned his love for many of his current hobbies as well. These include a love for fishing excursions in the myriad of waterways around Indianapolis, where he lives with his wife of 17 years and their three sons. “I also assist in coaching my boys in various sports, and I’m involved in several social justice issues with ministries in the city.  I’m currently working on developing a class about racism, justice and helping folks engage in meaningful, transformative relationships across economic and ethnic lines.”

Working with REGENESIS: The Nineties and Today

When it comes to working with REGENESIS, Jaros is quick to mention he has worked with REGENESIS’ products for 20 years, starting with the company’s ORC® (Oxygen Release Compound) socks in monitoring wells, back in the early 90s.  He continues, “I enjoy working with the staff at REGENESIS because they are always looking to help find the right solution, at a cost-effective delivery.  I was the Senior Project Manager working with Keith Gaskill on a site here in Indianapolis. This was a site remedy that allowed the client to keep his business open, after PlumeStop® was injected with Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®) and  Bio-Dechlor Inoculum® Plus (BDI) into the stratified sand lenses.  What made this unique was the approach using PlumeStop® to capture and treat the transport zone, while at the same time coating the interface between the storage and transport zones as a solution to the back diffusion occurring. The process enabled us to have timely approval by the regulating agency due to effective planning once it was approved by the stakeholders.” In the last year alone Jaros says EnviroForensics has utilized PersulfOx®  for pretreatment in excavations and treatment of petroleum plumes, a few polytechnology applications of 3-D Microemulsion® with Chemical Reducing Solution (CRS®) and BDI+, and several applications of PlumeStop®, both with and without co-injection of HRC® and BDI Plus.  “Each site presents unique and interesting challenges” says Jaros, “and we operate dynamically with the entire range of products offered by REGENESIS.”

When asked what he likes most about his work, he points to the variety of project work, teamwork, and reaching overall objectives. He continues, “I enjoy the mixture of project solutions we develop from a big picture as well as the day to day demands of moving projects ahead toward our goals. The opportunity to work with our entire team of folks here is great, and then engaging regulators, attorneys, insurance representatives and sometimes third party off-site property owners and then the development community for municipalities offers variety and an opportunity to meet our client’s needs.” He adds,  “In recent years I have gotten to focus on brownfield redevelopment and engaging folks in the community and economic development world to realize how to turn unused properties into assets for communities.”  And the most difficult aspect? “Sometimes getting all stakeholders on the same page can be challenging, but one of our mottos is to keep our eyes forward – we are always looking to find solutions and overcome challenges.  If we didn’t like difficulties, we would not be in this industry!”

REGENESIS is proud to have Chris Jaros, Senior Project Manager and Brownfields Coordinator with EnviroForensics, as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his commitment and contributions in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.