Richard Desrosiers, Associate Principal and Hydrogeologist at GZA GeoEnvironmentalWhen it comes to honing one’s expertise within the environmental remediation industry, Richard Desrosiers, Associate Principal and Hydrogeologist at GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., a leading environmental services firm and valued REGENESIS client, continues to excel. As a Connecticut licensed environmental professional and Professional Geologist, Desrosiers has more than 30 years of experience in Geology, Hydrogeology, and project management, and continues to build a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable remediation experts in his field. “I initially started my professional career in the mid-1980s in Massachusetts as a Geologist/Hydrogeologist with an A&E firm,” shares Desrosiers. “At that time my focus was aimed at locating water supply wells and evaluating resources for developing large tracks of land for residential, industrial and commercial development.  I moved to Connecticut to work on what became a major ATSDR hazardous waste facility that included PCBs, dioxin, chlorinated solvents (DNAPL), hydrocarbons (LNALP), metals and asbestos in soil. As the Project Manager and lead Hydrogeologist, I characterized the nature and extent of the contamination under an EPA administrative order, along with remedial actions to close lagoons.” Throughout the mid-1990s Desrosiers’ firm focused on Recirculation Well Technologies and innovative groundwater solutions for military, municipal and industrial facilities throughout the U.S. “This included managing a bioremediation study using UVB Vacuum Vaporization Well technology at an EPA Site Demonstration Project at several pilot studies at the Massachusetts Military Reservation, capturing and treating chlorinated solvents in a single pass.”

Characterizing Complex Plumes

In the early 2000s, Desrosiers joined another environmental firm as a Senior Associate/Hydrogeologist, characterizing and remediating various industrial sites.  One of his more technical projects involved providing environmental due- for the purchase and sale of a Base Realignment and Closure facility of the Department of Defense.  He shares, “The characterization identified multiple , three-release area that resulted in 6-groundwater plumes that migrated radially out for the releases.  At one release, 2-shallow and 1-deep plume migrated in 3-directions. The characterization delineated that the plumes impacted 1-square mile (chlorinated solvents and hexavalent chromium) and included the completion of an ecological risk assessment. Subsequently, remedial action plans were developed that included the in-situ chemical oxidation and biochemical stabilization.”

In his current role with GZA GeoEnvironmental, where he’s served for the past 12 years, Desrosiers is responsible for marketing efforts and project management. He adds, “I also continue to develop my technical skills by working with other GZA offices and with the staff in our Glastonbury, Connecticut office.” When asked about the future goals of GZA, a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm with offices spanning much of the Midwest and Eastern U.S., Desrosiers’ thoughts turn to the future, saying, “Simply put, GZA’s mission is to be the premier provider of practical and innovative solutions to the 21st century challenges of natural and built environments, for the benefit of our clients, employees, shareholders, and society.” Throughout his career, he has lived and worked across much of the Eastern U.S., and earned his BS in Geology at Northeastern University. In fact, it was while studying chemistry at Northeastern University that Desrosiers decided to pursue a career in geology. He continues, “I was originally studying to be a chemist, but my education path changed at Northeastern and I fell in love with geology.  This opened many other opportunities exploring subsurface conditions, which to the natural progression to solving complex soil and groundwater issues using a variety of characterization and remedial techniques.”

Turning to the Suite of Innovative REGENESIS Products

When it comes to working with REGENESIS, Desrosiers quickly points to the company’s innovative products and experienced staff as keys to his success. He continues, “REGENESIS provides several specialty products that we have used at contaminated sites. They also have a very competent technical staff that provides the quantities of the product needed, but more importantly, an expert team to confer with for the ideal product selection.”  Among the REGENESIS products used, he cites PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™, 3-D Microemulsion®, RegenOx®, and Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®) as solutions which have been particularly impressive.  When asked what he enjoys most about his work, he points to helping the environment and mentoring staff. “I enjoy the everyday challenges, and that includes helping to resolve a client’s environmental issues and facing technical challenges. I also gain satisfaction by helping junior staff grow so that they can become the future leaders of GZA.” And the most difficult aspect of his work? “After 33 years in the industry, the environmental industry still challenging to finding economic solutions for our clients’ needs as the industry keeps changing.”

Married for 30-plus years, Desrosiers and his wife Pam have three grown children and one granddaughter. Outside of work, his hobbies include travel, (he’s traveled to 46 states and counting), coached his kids soccer teams, (he was a licensed coach for 10 years), and working on various home remodeling projects. As an eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America program, he was an Assistant Scout Master and Charter Organization Rep he watched as his son earn his Eagle Scout award.  With regard to how he would encourage others to pursue a career in environmental sciences, Desrosiers suggests those interested in this field of study should focus on geology, chemistry, biology, and engineering. He concludes, “I would advise those who have an interest in our environment to concentrate on the core sciences and engineering degrees, and not the general environmental sciences. Our industry has evolved into one of specialization, so obtaining expertise in specific facets of environmental remediation should prove to be extremely beneficial.”

REGENESIS is proud to have Richard Desrosiers, Associate Principal, Hydrogeologist at GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., as a valued client in environmental remediation, and appreciates his wealth of experience and diverse contributions in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.