In Situ Source Treatment

Rapid Risk Reduction

  • Protects human health
  • Protects the environment


Cost Savings

  • Avoid excavation and disposal cost
  • Avoid high, ongoing and uncertain costs from pump and treat
  • No operational cost

Accurate & Flexible

  • Targets vadose and saturated zone source areas
  • Site-specific design
  • Combine with in situ plume treatment for guaranteed risk elimination

Sustainable Solution

  • No waste created
  • No hazardous waste disposal required
  • No ongoing operational activities and energy use

A Deeper Dive – Why Target Source Zones?

Soil Source Treatment

REGENESIS provides an in situ sequestration and stabilization service for PFAS impacted soils in the source area. This is completed by mixing a site-specific blend of amendments into the target soils. This dramatically reduces the leachability of PFAS attached to the soils and minimizes precipitation infiltration.

SourceStop™ colloidal activated carbon (CAC) is used to penetrate into the underlying soils and coat vertical flow-paths to capture any residual contamination.

How to complete in situ PFAS source area treatment on your site

1. A soil sample is taken and tested in our laboratory using a blend of amendments including activated carbon, clays and SourceStop.

2. A specific design is created for the site and the best application method is determined

3. The site-specific blend is applied to the site soils and injected into the groundwater

4. Source area contamination is immobilized and the downgradient plume attenuates, configured for the target site.

Groundwater Source Treatment

SourceStop™ is injected under low pressure into the source zone groundwater and capillary fringe. This converts to subsurface into a purifying filter which rapidly removes high levels of PFAS from the groundwater through sorption.

About The Technology

SourceStop is a new remediation technology, engineered to enable in situ application within the vadose zone, capillary fringe and phreatic zone to treat PFAS. The combination of liquid format and micron-scale particle size optimizes treatment through:

  • Uniform soil coating

  • Penetration into low-permeability soils

  • Rapid and highly efficient sorption

SourceStop™ Colloidal Activated Carbon

Combine with Plume Treatment & Warranty

If groundwater remedial targets are to be met in a short timeframe, then source treatment is easily combined with a downgradient PlumeStop® barrier to immediately eliminate risk.

The barrier can be provided with a PlumeShield™ warranty to provide certainty and peace of mind.

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