When it comes to remediation, REGENESIS has you covered, providing an expansive range of remediation products for soil and groundwater contamination. The suite of in situ remediation technologies can be catered to a specific site, treatment, and background. All REGENESIS products have been tested, are safe, and offer a lower cost to closure than other technologies available for in-situ applications. Highlighted below are just a few of our innovative products:


PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ is our most well-known and profoundly innovative product meant for in situ remediation of groundwater contaminants. Its main goal is to rapidly reduce the time and uncertainty in the remediation process delivering an exceptional result. PlumeStop can remove groundwater contaminants in just days with its combination of four different mechanisms: dispersion, sorption, biodegradation, and regeneration. Effective in treating VOC contaminants in groundwater, PlumeStop has also has been applied successfully to remediate petroleum hydrocarbons and PFAS.


PersulfOx® is an ISCO reagent that destroys groundwater and soil contaminants through chemical reactions. It provides a rapid result because of its sustainable approach toward contaminants. Its multi-faceted features allow it to be compatible with combined remedy approaches. It is most commonly used to treat a wide range of contaminants from medium to high concentrations.


RegenOx® is another ISCO reagent that directly converts contaminants into oxygen – or oxidizes them – with its unique components. Its injectable, made up of two parts, and has the ability to destroy a large range of contaminants. Its unique process involves removing contaminants off the soils’ surface and then dissolves them. Because it is non-corrosive, it is compatible with underground infrastructure such as tanks, electrical wiring and piping.


BDI Plus® contains Dehalococcoides sp. (DHC) and works to complete the enhanced reductive dichlorination (ERD) process by treating intermediate compounds like DCE and vinyl chloride. BDI Plus comes in liquid form and is directly injected into a contaminated subsurface.

Additionally, REGENESIS offers many more products including ORC Advanced, 3DME, HRC, CRS, and Petro Cleanze. All our products provide an easily applicable, rapid, and cost-effective solution to your needs. Browse through more detailed descriptions of these remediation products on our website to learn more! With these industry-leading technologies, along with our technical expertise and turnkey on-site services, REGENESIS will help you achieve successful results at the lowest possible cost-to-closure for your contaminated soil and groundwater remediation projects.