Soil and Groundwater Webinars


Contributed by Bryan Vigue, Vice President of Marketing, REGENESIS

On the heels of a highly successful, nation-wide seminar series that ran from September of 2010 through May of 2011, I’d like to announce a new, web-based seminar (webinar) series.  Each of these complimentary webinar presentations will be given by qualified subject matter experts and feature a range of unique and relevant topics. The first webinar is scheduled for Thursday, November 10, 2011 and is entitled “New Technologies Briefing – In Situ Treatment Advances.”  This event will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to hear directly from Scott Wilson, the CEO of REGENESIS and Ben Mork Ph.D., Director of Research and Development. The presentation will cover new developments as follows:

  • RegenOx PetroCleanze™ – a chemical oxidation based, surfactant-like, non-organic treatment for petroleum releases in smear zones and high residual sorbed mass areas
  • ORC Advanced® Pellets – a new peroxygen formulation for water-limited and dust sensitive aerobic bioremediation applications
  • 3-D Microemulsion® 75 – a pH neutral, factory emulsified electron donor with an engineered 3 stage release profile that achieves wide-area distribution

The second event is scheduled for Thursday, December 8, 2011 and is entitled “Combining ISCO and Enhanced Recovery Techniques for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation.” This presentation will be given by Craig Sandefur, Vice President of Technical Services and again, this event will give attendees the rare opportunity to hear directly from a highly experienced, internal resource at the Company. Craig’s presentation will cover the following:

  • A Brief Review of In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) and Enhanced Recovery Techniques
  • Mass Transfer Issues Associated with ISCO of Weathered Hydrocarbons
  • Integrating ISCO and Enhanced Recovery to Optimize Contaminant Destruction and Removal

I look forward to engaging many of you online in the weeks to come.

For more information please contact our events coordinator at 1-949-366-8000 or to register please click here.

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