ORC and ORC Advanced can be applied to the subsurface in a number of different ways. The application method chosen is often determined by a range of factors including depth to groundwater, soil type, location and extent of contaminants, remediation objectives, etc. Typical installation of these controlled-release oxygen amendments involves mixing the ORC or ORC Advanced powder with water and forming an injectable slurry. The slurry is then injected into the subsurface using direct-push technology which can be an extremely cost-effective, efficient and clean way to deliver controlled-release oxygen into groundwater. Other common application types for ORC and ORC Advanced include: oxygen curtains (barriers), excavations, tank-pits, trenches and single or multi-well filter socks.

The following table contains ORC and ORC Advanced installation instructions for several different types of installations.

icon-pdf Augered Hole, Back-Fill Method icon-pdf Excavation Applications
icon-pdf Replaceable Filter-Sock Application icon-pdf Direct-Injection Slurry Application
icon-pdf Geoprobe® Bore-Hole Back-Fill Method icon-pdf Slurry Mixing