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Eric Maben, South Central District Manager at Land Science

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Video Transcription

My name is Eric Maben, and I’m the South-Central District Manager for Land Science.

What I love about the company is that everyone that works here at Regenesis and Land Science is so unbelievably knowledgeable about our products and our technologies. And it’s so great to reach out to other District Managers, our technical staff, our R&D staff, and ask them the questions, and be able to talk to the clients about their issues and solving their problems.

What sets Land Science apart is our technical, our deep technical understanding of our products and our clients’ problems. And we are able because we have that knowledge, we’re really able to dive deep into what our clients are looking for, and provide them exactly what they’re looking for and fix their problems.

My favorite part about working for Land Science is the ability to meet and communicate with people in my territory. I love to…I love to talk with people, and I love to hear about people’s problems, and then provide the solution for those problems.