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Video Transcription

I’m Gordon Araujo with Regenesis, and I’m the Mid-Atlantic District Technical Manager. I do a lot of work in New Jersey with clients, coming up with innovative ways to save them time on the project and, at the end, money, because usually they’re working on redevelopment projects. Working on-site in New Jersey, our strategy was looking at ways that we can reduce chlorinated solvent impacts to the downgradient, basically town receptor. There’s a stream that was…it wasn’t impacted, but there was a concern about that. So we looked at putting in some preventative barriers to prevent them from migrating. And we also looked at treating the source area and trying to reduce contaminant mass quickly so that a property sale could happen in a matter of months.

I think the first thing that I thought about when I met people at Regenesis was these are genuine people. They have families. They are involved in sports. They are involved in their communities. And, in addition to all of those personal qualities, they’re experts in their fields. And they bring knowledge that I’m still learning from today. And I think that’s what makes Regenesis so strong.