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Video Transcription

I’m Jack Shore. I’m the District Manager for the U.K. and Scandinavia. So, in my role at Regenesis, because I get to work across lots of different countries, I’ve seen about 1,200 sites so far. I’ve been working at Regenesis for about 5 years, and sort of every day is different. It’s all…it’s very stimulating, so that’s something that I really value in my role.

We’ve been looking at a site for about 4 years. It’s a site where they had an SDU Pump and Treat system running for many years before that and nobody was getting anywhere. And the client was a very large blue chip American client, and nobody thought this problem could be solved. We were brought in just through word-of-mouth really, to come and solve this confidential site. And we’ve just had the first two rounds back, and we’ve seen 75% reduction in two quarters, which wasn’t achieved five years prior to us doing this injection work. And both the consultant and the end user, the ultimate client if you like, couldn’t believe it.