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Video Transcription

My name is Katherine Papano and I am a Research Scientist here at Regenesis. My favorite part about working at Regenesis is the creative process of developing new technologies. The technologies we develop solve real world problems by removing contaminants from soil and groundwater and it’s great to go to work every day knowing that the solutions we develop and going to have a beneficial impact on people’s lives.

What sets Regenesis apart is our commitment to developing the best technology on the market. We focus a lot on the science that goes into solving these problems and it’s this in-depth analysis of science that makes our technologies as successful as they are.

When I did my doctorate, I worked on a project that focused on novel ways of building very complicated molecules, and at the time we described ourselves as expanding the toolbox that was available to chemists. So now that I work at Regenesis, I feel like my work is very similar because the technologies that we develop expand the toolbox that is available to environmental professionals. And it’s this expanded toolbox that allows the environmental professional to solve problems and to have tools that previously didn’t exist.