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Video Transcription

This is Scott Mullin. I am the Regenesis Remediation Services Division Manager. Well, the product manufacturer doing the applications, I think, is a huge advantage, because our personnel that we have in the field are scientists. They understand the chemistry, they understand the remediation objectives of the clients. They understand the chemistries of what we’re putting in the ground, and the geochemistry, the ground, and the application processes. So their goal is performance-based remediation, not getting the job done and getting out of there as quickly as possible. So it’s quality over being rushed. So our Regnesis Remediation project scientists, before they go out into a job site, they’re fully briefed on the remediation design, the remediation goals, the geology, the hydro-geology, the site conditions. So when they get to the site, they understand what they’re supposed to do. They’re not seeing the site for the first time. At least it was on paper, and they understand the goals of the client. So they’re there to make sure everyone gets the work done safely, and it gets done to the best possible outcome so we can see remediation performance. So preparedness is a huge part of what we do.