In this webinar we are pleased to have a special guest presentation by Virginia (Ginny) Yingling, Senior Hydrogeologist in the Environmental Health Division of the Minnesota Department of Health. Ginny discusses PFAS contamination in Minnesota, including lessons learned from the state’s investigation of a chemical production facility, contaminant fate and transport, and reducing exposure. She is joined by Kristen Thoreson, PhD, Director of Research and Development at REGENESIS.

Learn the following in this free webinar:

  • State of Minnesota’s investigation of an area of PFAS-contaminated groundwater that covers over 150 sq. miles
  • Challenges faced by Minnesota Department of Health in communicating the risk of PFAS to the public
  • Lessons learned, key aspects of unique PFAS fate & transport behavior observed, and successes in reducing exposures
  • How to eliminate risk of PFAS via low-cost in situ remediation using colloidal activated carbon

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