On 3rd November 2015, Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl presented an overview of the PlumeStop technology as well as a selection of the latest case studies including the first PlumeStop projects in Europe.

PlumeStop is a breakthrough remediation technology which rapidly reduces contaminant concentrations in groundwater. This new, in situ technology provides rapid and permanent treatment of dissolved-phase contaminants within weeks of application. Following six years of development in the laboratory and beta testing in the US, PlumeStop is now being used on many full-scale projects with great success.

This 1-hour webinar explains the technology and shows case study data from actual contaminated sites.

L’edizione italiana di questo webinar è ora disponibile!

L’edizione italiana di questo webinar è stata presentata da Marcello Carboni e Paola Goria il 1° dicembre. Clicca qui sotto per accedere alla registrazione in lingua italiana.

Webinar Feedback:

“An excellent webinar, as always. Thank you!”

“Excellent length, right amount of depth and balance between the technical side and case studies. A very good webinar.

We have several sites on tap with PlumeStop and several more should come about

Good presentation. Keep us informed of any new developments and updates. Thanks.