James Cobb REGENESISFrom growing up in the Louisiana Bayou, to his studies at Sam Houston State University, where he received his BS in Environmental Science; James Cobb, Director of Health and Safety at REGENESIS, has always felt a close connection with nature and our environment. And REGENESIS, has become a natural next step in his storied career.

A Passion for the Environment

“I think it all started when I was a kid growing up near the rural wetlands of Louisiana,” shares Cobb. “I loved nature at a young age, and the environment was amazing to me. Years later, while in college, I met a friend in the environmental sciences program who encouraged me to pursue it as a profession.” Working out of the REGENESIS San Clemente headquarters, Cobb joined the team in October, and brings a distinguished background in environmental health and safety. His years of experience, coupled with his leadership abilities, support aspects of REGENESIS’ business, including safety training and program implementation, near-miss reporting and analysis.

Joining the REGENESIS Team

Prior to joining REGENESIS, Cobb served as a Regional Safety Officer for an environmental consulting services firm. He’s also held positions as a Regional Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Manager, overseeing several companies on the west coast, as well as Safety Manager for a chemical supply company that developed laboratory related products. When asked what he feels he will enjoy most in his new role at REGENESIS, he points to the ability to interface and collaborate with the company’s various departments.  “I know I will enjoy the interactions with staff and management the most, as I help make safety a part of everyone’s life.  Environmental health and safety should not be limited to the workplace. It is also a part of our home and family life as well.” Armed with deep experience, and certified in Environmental Health and Safety, Cobb is looking forward to making a difference and supporting the REGENESIS products, research and services teams. He shares, “I always looked at this profession as a way to give back to the planet so that my kids can enjoy what I had when I was younger.” His passion for helping our environment is shared with REGENESIS. Cobb continues, “Honestly, choosing to join REGENESIS was easy. It was the meeting with the Executive team, and seeing the energy and compassion they have for the work done at REGENESIS. Their efforts made me want to be a part of this world-class team.”

What the Future Holds

When it comes to staying current with the rapid changes in environmental health and safety (EH&S), Cobb routinely takes classes to keep up with changes in various regulations, and he actively maintains his existing certifications. Cobb continues, “Currently I am working toward my Certified Industrial Hygiene Certification.  I also have more than 30 certifications in different types of safety and environmental compliance.”  With his vast experience, he is looking forward to interfacing with nearly every department at REGENESIS.  “I hope to work with each department in one way or another. There is always a need for EH&S and I see it every day when talking to people in different areas of the company.” When asked what he feels the future holds for environmental remediation, Cobb points to where REGENESIS is taking technology, thanks to the company’s research and development (R&D) team. He shares, “I see REGENESIS’ technology as the way of the future. Working closely with the R&D team, I can see what the future holds with regard to technologies that are in development.”

Currently living in Long Beach, CA with his wife and two dogs, a Great Dane and a Pug, Cobb will actively be working with the team across the US and Canada to support REGENESIS’ growing operations. In his free time, he and his wife enjoy traveling, and have been to Thailand, Spain, Morocco and Jamaica. He also finds time for fishing, golf, scuba diving and wood working. Recently, he’s picked up playing the violin, which he enjoyed as a teenager. “I enjoy my free time,” says Cobb.  “It gives me an outlet to the challenges of my work, such as keeping up with changing regulations in different states, which is never easy.” And the most rewarding aspect of his work?  “I’m most gratified when people tell me stories of how something I said or trained them on helped them avoid an accident, either at work or at home.” This sense of gratification helps to describe why Cobb encourages others to join his field in health and safety. He concludes by sharing, “Safety is a passion that drives me to change lives for the better. In order to be effective, safety professionals need to have a passion for this job and truly care about their co-workers. It’s not always an easy job, especially when it comes to investigating accidents, but if you love helping others and making the world a safer place, this field is for you.”

REGENESIS is proud to welcome James Cobb, Director of Health and Safety, and looks forward to his expertise in EH&S as the company moves forward in providing successful remediation solutions for its clients.