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Video Transcript

InSitu Remediation provides services to their clients by looking at every site individually, by taking the clients’ needs into consideration, by taking the site into consideration, taking cost into consideration, and developing the best plan that they can to suit all their clients’ needs.

InSitu Remediation is an environmental remediation contractor. We specialize in chemical injections, bioremediation injections. We also do water treatment systems and air treatment systems, multi-phase extraction and systems. We do work within Canada and internationally with all these technologies.

My position at InSitu Remediation is a Project Manager. We’re a smaller company, so I’m able to carry out a lot of the field work, as well as do our in-house design for remediation projects.

The most challenging part of InSitu Remediation is that every site has a different geology and different challenges that are encountered. Every site has to be treated from the ground up. We have different ways of getting things into the ground, and not everything that works at one site will work at another.

I’ve worked with Regenesis products for nine years. I’ve worked with almost their entire suite of products. We’ve used them at various sites, including petroleum hydrocarbon sites and chlorinated solvent sites.

Regenesis supported us with the design of the barrier when we approached them about the job. They recommended PlumeStop for the barrier, and they worked with us to develop the application of the barrier and how we should we put it in place. We worked hand-in-hand with Regenesis to come up with the design, knowing site geology and understanding the site conditions.

Regenesis is unique with providing their products because they will approach us and they want to be involved hands-on with the design of our sites. They ask for very specific site details to find out what products should be used, how that product should be implemented, and what would be the best for the site.

Regenesis gives us the support we need to be successful. Specifically, they work with us on every site on an individual basis to help us develop the best technology to get to our site goals, remediate the ground water, remediate the soil, whatever it may be.