Check out our new white paper detailing the latest advancement in persulfate-based in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) technology. This 16-page technical document explains the science behind PersulfOx® (catalyzed persulfate).

White Paper Overview:

Over the past decade, little has been accomplished toward improving the efficacy, cost effectiveness or occupational safety related to the use of persulfate oxidation chemistry for environmental remediation. Recently, however, a significant development has emerged in the form of a new, all-in-one persulfate-based product that employs advanced activation chemistry.

This white paper provides the remediation professional with key information on the following:

  • A brief discussion of oxidation technologies employed in environmental remediation today
  • Overview of persulfate chemistry and the different methods employed to activate it
  • New catalyzed persulfate with built-in, dual activation chemistry
  • The effectiveness of PersulfOx at degrading organic contaminants in situ
  • Comparative studies and field performance

To download the white paper or learn more about PersulfOx®, click here.


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