REGENESIS Remediation Services

As advancements in remediation technology, product application, and remediation design continue to evolve and become more complex; environmental engineering and consulting firms increasingly rely on experienced remediation professionals for proven expertise. To ensure optimum outcomes for our clients, enter REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS). Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers primary function is to provide environmental engineering and consulting firms with specialized groundwater and soil remediation planning, design verification testing and application services.

RRS Works Directly with Environmental Engineering and Consulting Firms to Design, Apply and Activate Patented, Science-Based Remediation Solutions

As a major division within the company that provides field activity management throughout North America and Europe, RRS draws from over 20 years of experience working with leading environmental engineering firms on thousands of remediation projects around the world. Led by Scott Mullin, RRS Division Manager, RRS works directly with environmental engineering and consulting firms to design, apply and activate patented, science-based remediation solutions, deploying our own state-of-the-art dosing and monitoring equipment to ensure successful results. To cover virtually every aspect of site remediation, RRS activates a diverse team of specialists that include project managers, environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists and microbiologists, each with unique capabilities and extensive qualifications. The result is experienced, on-site management and implementation of groundwater and soil remediation solutions.

RRS Contributes throughout the Entire Process, from Proposal/Bid Stage, to Design and Planning, and Finally through Product Implementation

As a division, the success of RRS can be attributed, in part, to its wide range of capabilities. These include field application management and supervision, soil mixing, (ex situ and in situ), horizontal directional drilling, reagent application/injection services, and leveraging the capabilities of their very own in-house treatability laboratory, to evaluate and optimize remedial solutions. Being involved in so many aspects of remediation projects, while challenging, is also gratifying. As one team member points out, contributing throughout the entire process, from proposal/bid stage, to design and planning, and finally through product implementation can be rewarding.

Providing Real-Time Information and a Better Understanding of Application Components of Remediation Products and Solutions

As an integral team within the company, RRS impacts other groups at REGENESIS, including Field Sales, R&D, and Customer Service. Their vast experience and knowledge base continually assists these groups by providing real-time information and a better understanding of application components of our remediation products and solutions.  This ongoing interaction helps contribute to the development of new products. In addition, RRS works closely with the company’s Remediation and Design Services department to ensure clients receive the most effective and cost-conscious solutions for achieving project objectives.

RRS Documents All Noteworthy Observations, Real-Time Monitoring, and Application Delivery Information

To ensure a safe work environment, RRS adheres to stringent safety standards that extend beyond the REGENESIS staff. These standards are applied to all subcontractors under RRS supervision. Full compliance with government and industry protocols is critical, so RRS field services employees maintain OSHA 40-hour initial health and safety training and 8-hour annual training in compliance with OSHA 1910.120. To ensure accurate record keeping and reporting compliance, RRS documents all noteworthy observations, real-time monitoring, and application delivery information. Information such as start/stop times, injection intervals, flow rates, pressures, total gallons, and gallons per intervals are documented for each injection point as well. This information is then provided in a comprehensive application summary report which includes a written document detailing the remediation project, a spreadsheet of information collected in the field, and a site map.

A primary competitive advantage of RRS is its ability to customize remediation application equipment based upon the unique demands and conditions encountered at various sites. This is achieved using highly customized remediation application trailers. RRS deploys a fleet of these fully enclosed, self-sufficient injection trailers, which are configured specifically for the purpose of mixing, handling and delivering REGENESIS remediation technologies.

As a department comprised of highly trained engineers, scientists and field support personnel, with access to valuable resources that include REGENESIS’ state-of the-art laboratory, RRS delivers across a broad spectrum of on-site groundwater and soil remediation services. The RRS team believes few, if any, within the remediation industry bring such a proven range of technology solutions, vast application expertise, and a vested commitment to successful regulatory closure.

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