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Video Transcript

Narrator: In an effort to better understand the longevity of PFAS treatment, Dr. Grant Carey, President of Porewater Solutions and an expert in mathematical modeling and environmental forensics, became involved to model groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons and PFAS.

Dr. Carey: I’m a consultant, mainly, so I work on both regulatory and litigation projects across the U.S. and Canada. We also do a lot of research and development where we develop visualization and modeling tools that really help to improve site characterization and remediation performance. The modeling helps in a couple of ways. One is, it’s actually a really effective visualization tool, so you can actually see how the plume detaches from the source zone, or if you’re implementing multiple barriers along a flow path, you can see the effects over time.

Another reason why modeling is important is, we can actually look at the longevity of PlumeStop. You really do need to model the performance over decades, over up to 100 years. The real benefit of what we do is, we really help people understand the site better, and we actually, through modeling with sophisticated tools, we can develop smarter solutions, more cost-effective solutions that work better in the long term.