The REGENESIS Sales Team is driven by remediation success.
The REGENESIS Sales Team provides critical support in areas such as technology evaluation, product selection, regulatory approval, product application, and performance evaluation

When it comes to servicing REGENESIS clients, in many respects the Sales team is involved throughout the entire remediation process.  The group’s work begins well before specific solutions are identified, and continues long after products leave the warehouse. The team, which includes staff in several key locations throughout the U.S., provides critical support in areas such as technology evaluation, product selection, regulatory approval, product application, and performance evaluation.  From assisting with onsite application support, to conducting post application performance reviews for the company’s innovative technologies, the true value of the REGENESIS Sales team extends well beyond the firm’s products and solutions, to one that includes a comprehensive, consultative approach to client service.  According to one long-time team member, this end-to-end approach to sales and service is a model that has continued to work for REGENESIS for over 20 years, and something the group strives to sustain.

The team’s commitment to exemplary client service can be seen in many aspects of their work, including their rapid response to last-minute client requests. One recent example occurred when a sales team member was out enjoying an evening bike ride. He received a call from a client, who was facing a deadline on obtaining accurate costs from a remediation design that had been developed three years prior.  Due to the urgency and nature of the request, the sales team member quickly transitioned into “high priority” mode, cutting his ride short and returning to the office, where he worked until midnight on a redesign, confirming costs for the client. Additional time was put in early the next morning preparing additional design options so the client would have everything necessary for a noon presentation. At the end of the day, (or end of the “night”, as in this case), the Sales group knows that performing to the highest standards helps to ensure their clients are well equipped and prepared for all of their remediation project needs.

From an organizational perspective, the Sales team includes 9 District Sales Managers who are all located within their respective district. In addition, the group has Technical Services Managers located across the country, providing regional technical support to their respective districts. Because the two groups are highly collaborative and managed under the same team, it’s easier to focus and sustain efforts on the common goal of providing a high level of technical support to clients. Although the majority of the team shares similar backgrounds in environmental consulting, there are distinct differences in the job functions between District Sales Managers and Technical Service Managers. The former tend to be outward facing, regularly meeting with clients in-person and conducting presentations as needed, while the Technical Service Managers are largely in the office, working directly with clients via email, webcast, conference call, etc. to provide design and application support.

While the group benefits from possessing a diverse range of environmental remediation experience, what distinguishes the team most from its competitors is its consultative approach with clients. As individuals, their backgrounds are rooted in several mission-critical aspects of environmental management, enabling the unit to understand the unique challenges their clients face day in and day out. Another advantage the group offers stems from the established network of district sales and tech managers throughout the country. The intent of a regionally-based network is to position experienced professionals throughout the country to work within specific areas, where they can, in effect, become territory specialists. This “geo”-based approach to staffing offers value-added service to REGENESIS’ clients by allowing the team to focus their attention not only on the geology of the region but also the regulatory challenges clients face within a given state.  An example of this can be seen in the way the team understands how state regulations and funding sources affect all of their remedial approaches to a project, since in general, some state programs are more open to injectable technologies than others.  Knowing this ahead of time allows the group to better advise clients on their remedial approaches.

Another variable which affects how the group approaches a project is the site’s geologic variability. Whether it’s Midwestern glacial tills, Kentucky karst limestone bedrock, or coastal geologies, they all have their inherent challenges to overcome for in situ remediation, and by dealing with these challenges day in and day out, they know what to do when the challenge presents itself.

With increased competition in environmental remediation, and so many variables and responsibilities, one might wonder how the Sales team has evolved over the years. According to one senior team member, much of what has changed stems from the breadth of technologies and services that REGENESIS has brought to the market. The LandScience division has grown to become a national leader in vapor mitigation, and the Remediation Services division has grown into a world class application services group in both North America and Europe.  In addition, the group sees a tremendous response in the market for the company’s innovative PlumeStop® technology, which the team believes will fundamentally change the way we look at future groundwater remediation. This combination of market-driven dynamics, which includes technology evaluation, geologic variables, state-specific regulatory experience, and other remediation associated areas, continues to help the Sales team develop to be more knowledgeable about a broader range of subjects than ever before.

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