Barry Poling presenting as a guest lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University

As the Central/East Regional Manager at REGENESIS, Barry Poling helps his clients execute successful remediation projects, while also satisfying his original career objective of combining many of the sciences he was interested in, such as Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Engineering. In addition, his work enables him to assist and advise clients in a variety of areas, such as product evaluation and regulatory approval assistance. “I really enjoy the combination of science-based responsibilities and the diversity in the technical support we provide to our clients,” shares Barry.

After studying Environmental Management at Indiana University, Barry launched his career with an environmental consulting firm in Louisville, Kentucky. Although it was a relatively small firm in size, Barry worked on some interesting and unique projects.  “One project was a remote molybdenum mine outside of Ketchikan, Alaska where we performed site assessment and remediation work. Given the remote nature, my colleagues and I had to charter small aircraft (helicopter or float plane) to get in and out. To this day, it still is the coolest project I’ve ever worked on. On another site in Montana, I showed up to grab some soil samples from a mine, only to find four feet of snow on the ground. After a quick trip back to town to purchase snow shoes, I trekked the old mining road on foot and collected the samples as required. I still have those snow shoes in my office but unfortunately, or fortunately, they don’t get much use in southern Indiana.”

In addition to working on a diverse range of projects early in his career, Barry feels he was fortunate to have been involved on projects that stimulated his intellectual curiosity. He cites Phase I and Phase II site assessment, remediation, and industrial compliance as examples of experience that helped shape his future in environmental remediation. “This experience early on in my career helped me learn what I liked and what I didn’t like, which ultimately led me down the path toward environmental remediation.” Barry goes on to say, “Remediation was of particular interest to me because it combined many of the sciences.  The added plus is I enjoy the challenge of solving problems. Now at REGENESIS, I help our clients develop effective solutions to environmental challenges every day.”

Barry lives in southern Indiana, in a suburb outside of Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife and two daughters, who are 5 and 3, and “the highlight of my life”. When not working, his free time revolves around his family. He coaches his daughter’s Little League softball team and enjoys family camping trips as much as possible during the summer months. He also plays an occasional round of golf, but admits he and his golf clubs don’t get on the course as much as they used to.

Throughout his 10+ years at REGENESIS, Barry has had the opportunity to work with environmental professionals in multiple states, where his experience in remediation assists clients in navigating the complexities of various state regulatory programs, which he says is particularly rewarding. “Having the ability to do my work, while still living in the town I grew up in, has allowed me with the work/life balance I’ve always desired,” says Barry. When it comes to continuing education and training, he stays up to date in his field by completing the required coursework credits in the areas of soil, groundwater remediation, and vapor intrusion, which enable him to maintain certification through the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM).

When asked what he enjoys the most about his work, Barry points to the pride he takes in helping clients execute successful remediation projects.  Says Barry, “Working with clients to provide support through the steps of technology evaluation, selection, implementation and ultimately site closure gives me a great measure of satisfaction. In addition, it’s been very rewarding to visit a site a year after our work was completed and see a new vibrant development which directly impacts the local communities and economy.  It lets me know my work has a positive impact on society.”

As with any position that involves various layers of complexity, this pride and satisfaction is balanced with its share of demands. Barry continues, “Change is both the most demanding and rewarding aspect of my job. Regulations change. The market changes. Technologies change. As such, we (REGENESIS) have changed. This change doesn’t come without demands and challenges, but one of my goals has always been to work in an exciting and growing field, so it suits me well.” He concludes, “Staying relevant in a constantly changing market is not the easiest thing to do, but I maintain a lot of comfort in knowing that I work for a company that has, and will, continue to stay on the cutting edge of the industry by consistently introducing new technologies and services to the market.”

REGENESIS is pleased to have Barry Poling as the Central/East Regional Manager, where his diverse experience in environmental sciences continues to make a difference in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.