Congratulations to winners Katherine A. Howe, PG at AMEC and Stephen A. Kessel, PE, LSRP


Regenesis recently joined over 600  environmental remediation specialists at Battelle’s International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies in Jacksonville, Florida. We have co-sponsored this event for over 15 years and it continues to be a remarkable week of networking and learning.

We thank everyone who joined us and extend congratulations to our contest winners Katherine Howe and Stephen Kessel who won an iPad Mini and a pair of Oakley sunglasses respectively.

Regenesis and Land Science Technologies™ were highlighted in a number of presentations and our staff had the opportunity to serve as Technical Session Chairs  for platform presentations including Combined Pathways, Applications of Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) with Bioremediation, and Bioremediation in Fractured Rock and Bedrock.

We have provided information regarding just a few presentations specific to our technologies given at the conference online.

  • Evaluating the Necessity of Bioaugmentation in Conjunction with an Electron Donor Injection at a Large Chlorinated Solvent Plume (featuring 3-D Microemulsion®) Learn more
  • Enhanced Desorption of Bound Hydrocarbon Mass for Increased Recovery Rates via Physical Removal Systems (featuring Petro-Cleanze®)  Learn more
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation for Existing Structures: A New Retrofit Technology (featuring Retro-Coat®) Learn more
  • Determination of the Radius of Influence for Chemical Treatment in an Unconfined Aquifer (featuring RegenOx® and ORC Advanced®) Learn more
  • Celebrity Cleaners Treatment Train: Enhanced Bioremediation After In Situ Chemical Oxidation at a DNAPL Site (featuring RegenOx and 3-D Microemulsion®) Learn more
  • Field-Scale Treatability Study for ISEB of Explosives in Groundwater: BioBarrier Installation and Hot Spot Treatment Using DPT Injection (Featuring HRC-X®) Learn more
  • Our new all-in-one ISCO technology, PersulfOx® was highlighted at the Regenesis exhibit. Learn more

We congratulate and send gratitude to Battelle and all of the other event participants on delivering another compelling remediation focused event. We look forward to next year at the 2014 Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds Conference in Monterey, California. For more information visit

In addition to these presentations, Regenesis and Land Science Technologies provides an extensive resource library of case studies, white papers, and webinars to remediation professionals through and

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