SAN CLEMENTE, CA – (February 13, 2019) REGENESIS, the recognized global leader in in situ soil and groundwater remediation technologies, is proud to announce the launch of S-MicroZVITM.  The new in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) amendment is an innovative, micron-scale, sulfidated zero-valent iron (ZVI) remedial amendment enabling environmental practitioners with a complete solution to quickly and effectively eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminants on a wide variety of sites. S-MicroZVI promotes the destruction of many organic pollutants and is most commonly used with chlorinated hydrocarbons.  Engineered to provide an optimal source of micro-scale ZVI, S-MicroZVI is easy to use and delivers enhanced reactivity with the target contaminants via multiple reaction pathways. S-Micro ZVI destroys chlorinated contaminants through a direct chemical reaction and also stimulates anaerobic biological degradation by rapidly creating a reducing environment favorable for reductive dechlorination. The launch of S-MicroZVI replaces REGENESIS’ AquaZVI and MicroZVI technologies and introduces a highly effective sulfidated ZVI remedial fluid proven in the field to accelerate contaminant reduction by more than an order of magnitude when compared to commodity iron products.

REGENESIS’ PhD-level scientists developed S-MicroZVI as a glycerol suspension combining micron-scale iron with an iron sulfide surface catalyst, specifically designed to rapidly remove contamination from groundwater and soil.  This proprietary technology results in rapid reduction of contaminants while promoting intrinsic biodegradation. Unlike other remedial technologies, S-MicroZVI can be easily applied, injected under low pressure into the subsurface. The product does not require high pressure “fracking” for application and is applied with ease using readily available equipment.

REGENESIS has spent considerable time testing S-MIcroZVI in laboratory and field studies and it has minimal impacts on groundwater quality, and geochemistry.  Developed by Dr. John Freim, a technical innovator in the development of in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) technologies, S-MicroZVI promises to be the most easily distributed, reactive and cost-effective ZVI product available on the market today. Scott Wilson, President and CEO of REGENESIS, shares “Dr. Freim and the R&D Team have accomplished something quite extraordinary in the development of S-MicroZVI and we are excited about the results we have seen to-date in the lab and testing in the field. The new and improved ZVI amendment addresses the market’s need for a safe, effective and easy to apply ZVI amendment that is proven to be superior at reducing chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminant levels when compared to other approaches.”

REGENESIS, a world-class leader in soil and groundwater remediation technologies, provides safe and effective solutions addressing a wide range of contaminants, including emerging contaminants like PFOS/PFOA.

For more information on S-MicroZVI please visit  or reach out to your regional technical representative. With media inquiries contact: Tricia Rodewald, Vice President of Marketing – REGENESIS (949) 366-8000 ext.122 o., (949) 394-9197 c.

ABOUT REGENESIS:  Founded in 1994, REGENESIS is an expert provider of in situ soil and groundwater remediation products and services.  Offering turn-key solutions for remediating and polishing off a wide range of sites at the lowest total cost-to-closure, REGENESIS has demonstrated a proven track record over twenty years and 26,000 projects around the world. REGENESIS is the green choice for leading engineering, construction and environmental consulting firms serving a broad range of clients, including developers, insurance companies, manufacturers, municipalities, regulatory agencies and federal, state and local governments.



Remediation Systems

Many companies offer a variety of remediation systems to clean up contaminated sites, however not all of them offer a solution delivering complete remediation like REGENESIS® does. To highlight the suite of approaches offered as environmental technology experts, please consider the following proven and effective solutions:


  1. 11 different types of in situ and ex situ treatment approaches available – from enhanced aerobic biodegradation to ORC Advanced pellets used in excavation
  2. Proven, effective solutions for a variety of site types – from dry cleaners to industrial manufacturing sites
  3. 13 different advanced and state-of-the-art technologies – from PlumeStop® to PersulfOx®
  4. Technical support provided by our knowledgeable team – providing you with recommended solutions, product and technology assessments, and application designs
  5. Expert in-field application services – to ensure our products are applied correctly for the best possible result
  6. High quality service for environmental consulting, engineering, and construction firms– we have a broad range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to private manufacturers
  7. A streamlined process saving you time, energy, and money
  8. Custom remediation design, strategies, and solutions based on your goals, time frame, and budget
  9. 100% commitment level to a new project and customer
  10. Innovative technological solutions not seen anywhere else
  11. 20+ years of experience in the industry – our staff developed the first oxygen release products to inject in situ in the early 1990’s
  12. Experience, with over 26,000 product applications globally
  13. Long-term and proven results backed up by our countless successful case studies
  14. Availability in all U.S. states and extending worldwide – our offices are throughout the U.S. and Europe with strategically placed distribution partners
  15. Regulatory Approval – Approved by local and federal regulatory agencies across the US and abroad

Our remediation designs and applications are unique for every client. If you’re in the process of planning your next remediation project please Contact Us to explore the many options available for safe and effective results that provide the lower total cost to closure and complete remediation.

More On REGENESIS Remediation Solutions

When it comes to remediation, REGENESIS has you covered, providing an expansive range of remediation products for soil and groundwater contamination. The suite of in situ remediation technologies can be catered to a specific site, treatment, and background. All REGENESIS products have been tested, are safe, and offer a lower cost to closure than other technologies available for in-situ applications. Highlighted below are just a few of our innovative products:


PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ is our most well-known and profoundly innovative product meant for in situ remediation of groundwater contaminants. Its main goal is to rapidly reduce the time and uncertainty in the remediation process delivering an exceptional result. PlumeStop can remove groundwater contaminants in just days with its combination of four different mechanisms: dispersion, sorption, biodegradation, and regeneration. Effective in treating VOC contaminants in groundwater, PlumeStop has also has been applied successfully to remediate petroleum hydrocarbons and PFAS.


PersulfOx® is an ISCO reagent that destroys groundwater and soil contaminants through chemical reactions. It provides a rapid result because of its sustainable approach toward contaminants. Its multi-faceted features allow it to be compatible with combined remedy approaches. It is most commonly used to treat a wide range of contaminants from medium to high concentrations.


RegenOx® is another ISCO reagent that directly converts contaminants into oxygen – or oxidizes them – with its unique components. Its injectable, made up of two parts, and has the ability to destroy a large range of contaminants. Its unique process involves removing contaminants off the soils’ surface and then dissolves them. Because it is non-corrosive, it is compatible with underground infrastructure such as tanks, electrical wiring and piping.


BDI Plus® contains Dehalococcoides sp. (DHC) and works to complete the enhanced reductive dichlorination (ERD) process by treating intermediate compounds like DCE and vinyl chloride. BDI Plus comes in liquid form and is directly injected into a contaminated subsurface.

Additionally, REGENESIS offers many more products including ORC Advanced, 3DME, HRC, CRS, and Petro Cleanze. All our products provide an easily applicable, rapid, and cost-effective solution to your needs. Browse through more detailed descriptions of these remediation products on our website to learn more! With these industry-leading technologies, along with our technical expertise and turnkey on-site services, REGENESIS will help you achieve successful results at the lowest possible cost-to-closure for your contaminated soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Turn-Key Remediation Solutions from RRS

REGENESIS Remediation Services

As advancements in remediation technology, product application, and remediation design continue to evolve and become more complex; environmental engineering and consulting firms increasingly rely on experienced remediation professionals for proven expertise. To ensure optimum outcomes for our clients, enter REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS). Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers primary function is to provide environmental engineering and consulting firms with specialized groundwater and soil remediation planning, design verification testing and application services.

RRS Works Directly with Environmental Engineering and Consulting Firms to Design, Apply and Activate Patented, Science-Based Remediation Solutions

As a major division within the company that provides field activity management throughout North America and Europe, RRS draws from over 20 years of experience working with leading environmental engineering firms on thousands of remediation projects around the world. Led by Scott Mullin, RRS Division Manager, RRS works directly with environmental engineering and consulting firms to design, apply and activate patented, science-based remediation solutions, deploying our own state-of-the-art dosing and monitoring equipment to ensure successful results. To cover virtually every aspect of site remediation, RRS activates a diverse team of specialists that include project managers, environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists and microbiologists, each with unique capabilities and extensive qualifications. The result is experienced, on-site management and implementation of groundwater and soil remediation solutions.

RRS Contributes throughout the Entire Process, from Proposal/Bid Stage, to Design and Planning, and Finally through Product Implementation

As a division, the success of RRS can be attributed, in part, to its wide range of capabilities. These include field application management and supervision, soil mixing, (ex situ and in situ), horizontal directional drilling, reagent application/injection services, and leveraging the capabilities of their very own in-house treatability laboratory, to evaluate and optimize remedial solutions. Being involved in so many aspects of remediation projects, while challenging, is also gratifying. As one team member points out, contributing throughout the entire process, from proposal/bid stage, to design and planning, and finally through product implementation can be rewarding.

Providing Real-Time Information and a Better Understanding of Application Components of Remediation Products and Solutions

As an integral team within the company, RRS impacts other groups at REGENESIS, including Field Sales, R&D, and Customer Service. Their vast experience and knowledge base continually assists these groups by providing real-time information and a better understanding of application components of our remediation products and solutions.  This ongoing interaction helps contribute to the development of new products. In addition, RRS works closely with the company’s Remediation and Design Services department to ensure clients receive the most effective and cost-conscious solutions for achieving project objectives.

RRS Documents All Noteworthy Observations, Real-Time Monitoring, and Application Delivery Information

To ensure a safe work environment, RRS adheres to stringent safety standards that extend beyond the REGENESIS staff. These standards are applied to all subcontractors under RRS supervision. Full compliance with government and industry protocols is critical, so RRS field services employees maintain OSHA 40-hour initial health and safety training and 8-hour annual training in compliance with OSHA 1910.120. To ensure accurate record keeping and reporting compliance, RRS documents all noteworthy observations, real-time monitoring, and application delivery information. Information such as start/stop times, injection intervals, flow rates, pressures, total gallons, and gallons per intervals are documented for each injection point as well. This information is then provided in a comprehensive application summary report which includes a written document detailing the remediation project, a spreadsheet of information collected in the field, and a site map.

A primary competitive advantage of RRS is its ability to customize remediation application equipment based upon the unique demands and conditions encountered at various sites. This is achieved using highly customized remediation application trailers. RRS deploys a fleet of these fully enclosed, self-sufficient injection trailers, which are configured specifically for the purpose of mixing, handling and delivering REGENESIS remediation technologies.

As a department comprised of highly trained engineers, scientists and field support personnel, with access to valuable resources that include REGENESIS’ state-of the-art laboratory, RRS delivers across a broad spectrum of on-site groundwater and soil remediation services. The RRS team believes few, if any, within the remediation industry bring such a proven range of technology solutions, vast application expertise, and a vested commitment to successful regulatory closure.

For more on RRS, and other company resources, please speak with your REGENESIS field sales engineer, or contact us at


World-Class Remediation Design Services

A REGENESIS remediation design using ORC Advanced® to provide a controlled release of dissolved oxygen into the groundwater for 9 – 12 months from a single injection in order to aerobically biodegrade petroleum hydrocarbons

As a global leader in the research and development of scientifically-proven products for groundwater and soil remediation, it should come as no surprise that REGENESIS® also offers an array of highly technical, effective, service-based solutions to our environmental engineering client base. In addition to commercial lab services, pilot testing, site-specific project planning, REGENESIS also offers remediation design services.

Our remediation design services team, comprised of highly trained technical experts, provides REGENESIS’ environmental engineering customers with a full range of services, including:

  • Complimentary technical evaluation and consultation to design cleanup remedies for contaminated properties
  • Solutions and cost estimates for remedial work
  • Post application performance evaluations
  • Regulatory technical support services

In offering these services to our clients, the remediation design services team leverages a vast knowledge-base with proven technologies, resulting in the design of the most effective and cost-conscious remedies for achieving remediation project objectives. The team’s field experience is a major advantage to clients. In fact as a team, they have designed thousands of successful in situ groundwater and soil remediation programs.

The remediation design services team includes specialists located across North America, including western, central, and eastern regions of the continent allowing for quick response to regional remediation projects. In Europe the specialists are located in the UK, Belgium, and Italy. The team utilizes a balanced combination of proprietary remedial design software developed in-house, and the experience of its team members to deliver sound solutions to clients. Serving a wide range of clients and responsibility for thousands of remediation projects has refined the skills of this seasoned group of professionals. As a result, they are true experts at designing remediation solutions for sites using in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and the latest state-of-the-art bioremediation approaches.

For more on REGENESIS and the remediation design services available to you, along with other value-added resources, please speak with your REGENESIS field sales engineer, or contact us at

VIDEO: Regenesis, Global Leader in Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Regenesis, a global leader in soil and groundwater remediation, focuses on delivering high performance technology, meeting customer needs and providing a cost effective solution. Renay San Miguel of Spark360 explains further about why and how Regenesis is at the forefront of this technology.

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