Case Study: PlumeStop Promises Low-Cost PFAS Treatment for Decades

This case study reviews the first known full-scale in-situ PFAS treatment worldwide completed in 2016 at a manufacturing and former firefighting training site in Ontario, Canada, where aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) were used. A single application of PlumeStop resulted in a significant reduction of contaminant concentrations to below standards for 6+ years since the injection. An independent fate and transport modeling expert predicts that PlumeStop will halt PFAS migration out of the treatment zone for more than 60 years, preventing exposure risk and reducing liabilities for the site owner.

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Featured Article: PlumeStop Highlighted as Solution for Enhanced Attenuation of PFAS Plumes

This article by Charles J. Newell et al. published in Wiley’s Remediation Journal discusses enhanced attenuation (EA) to manage PFAS plumes in groundwater. The authors of the paper propose that EA can play an important role in reducing PFAS mass flux and protecting sensitive receptors. They provide eight EA approaches for PFAS in groundwater, some of which are currently being practiced. The article is free and open to the public.

Featured Article by Maureen Dooley, Vice President – Industrial Sector

This article published in Earth911 and written by REGENESIS Vice President – Industrial Sector, Maureen Dooley discusses PFAS contaminants, including their origin, persistence, and what is currently being done to address them. Maureen Dooley shares in the article that we contact or are surrounded by PFAS continuously, resulting in more than 98% of Americans with PFAS in their blood. One proven and highly sustainable technology to address PFAS risk involves the injection of a colloidal activated carbon (CAC) material that treats PFAS by immobilizing them in place.

REGENESIS CEO Scott Wilson Shares Approaches to Solve the PFAS Problem with The Gazette 

This article published in The Gazette discusses the ubiquitous problem of PFAS contamination in groundwater, and the steps that water treatment plants in Colorado are taking to address it. The article features expert commentary from REGENESIS President & CEO Scott Wilson, who notes the health dangers posed by the contamination and urges more action to safeguard public health. “The question is can we get rid of all this; the answer is we can’t,” Wilson said, “but let’s live with the small amounts we can live with and remediate the sources causing the problem so they don’t spread more.”

Upcoming Webinars in August and September 

REGENESIS invites you to attend our upcoming environmental webinars. Throughout the late summer and fall, we will be featuring a monthly webinar event with key environmental thought leaders. Topics will cover reducing long-term risk on chlorinated solvent sites, and US EPA grant allocation for assessment and remediation. Each webinar will provide an opportunity for questions and answers and certificates of completion are available on request. Sign up for both remaining webinars today!

Webinar Recording Now Available: Analytical Tools to Promote CVOC and PFAS Plume Stability

In this webinar, we were pleased to have special guest speakers WSP’s Matt Burns, VP and Technical Director of the Earth and Environment Practice, and Joe Ricker, Senior Technical Principal. Their presentation discussed using groundwater plume analytics to support MNA, with potential application for PFAS. They were joined by Maureen Dooley, Vice President – Industrial Sector at REGENESIS.

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