Waste Advantage Magazine Article | Sustainable PFAS Treatment for Groundwater at Landfills Now Possible

This article published in Waste Advantage discusses the importance of sustainable solutions to prevent human and environmental exposures to PFAS caused by landfills. PFAS-contaminated groundwater is a serious environmental issue facing most solid waste disposal facilities. Colloidal Activated Carbon (CAC) is a more sustainable and environmentally responsible approach. Installed CAC treatments are a fraction of the cost of other PFAS treatment methods, produce no greenhouse gas emissions or disposal wastes, and do not consume energy. CAC effectively coats the aquifer, forming a permeable sorptive barrier and filtering out PFAS as groundwater passes through the barrier.

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Featured Video | How Colloidal Activated Carbon Eliminates PFAS Risk and Liability at a Low Cost

PlumeStop colloidal activated carbon utilizes activated carbon finely milled to <2µm (the size of a red blood cell) and suspended in a colloidal fluid to be injected under low pressure into the subsurface. The carbon particles disperse and diffuse, and then adhere to the surface of soil particles, converting contaminated aquifers into purifying filters. The PFAS contamination present in the groundwater is tightly adsorbed onto the PlumeStop in the subsurface, removing it from the groundwater and eliminating the risk to downgradient receptors.

PetroFix Multi-Site Case Study | Reducing Time and Cost-to-Closure at UST Release Sites

The case studies included in this multi-site review include sites where a leading Ohio Valley environmental consulting firm BJAAM Environmental, Inc. effectively used PetroFix in supporting their risk-based corrective action site closure strategy. In recent years, BJAAM has utilized PetroFix® Remediation Fluid to eliminate risks and obtain regulatory closures at underground storage tank (UST) sites impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs). PetroFix aligns with BJAAM’s strategy for managing UST sites as a remedial technology, rapidly reducing and sustaining PHC contaminants below cleanup targets to expedite regulatory closures.

Learn More About Rapid Remediation of PHCs with these PetroFix Resources

If you are interested in additional information about treatment approaches using the PetroFix activated carbon remediation technology, you can visit our PetroFix Resource Center. Here you can access webinar presentations from industry-leading expert environmental engineers, as well as case studies and technical documents providing PetroFix design and application guidance. If you view one of our on-demand webinars, we’ll also provide certificates of attendance upon request by emailing marketing@regenesis.com. To start learning more about rapid remediation of petroleum using PetroFix, visit the link below.

Employee Spotlight | Seth Benson, Project Supervisor, REGENESIS

For Seth Benson, the combination of hands-on fieldwork and extensive travel with a growing environmental remediation company provides an ideal platform for him to excel in a role he’s been looking forward to for some time. He begins, “I’ve been interested in an environmental career since college and I like that our team will be making some consequential decisions that can change many lives for the better.” Learn more about Seth Benson’s role in our employee spotlight.

The REGENESIS Remediation Services Difference 

REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) is the nation’s leading in-situ remedial technologies service provider. RRS is staffed by highly trained, and degreed remediation professionals, comprising many of the industry’s most experienced operational and technical experts. Because we focus on the client’s objectives and have a vested interest in the overall success of our technologies, our quality of work is matched only by our commitment to do the right thing. This brochure discusses what sets RRS apart.

Our Upcoming REGENESIS Webinars

REGENESIS invites you to attend our upcoming 2023 webinars. In January through March, we will be featuring webinar events with key environmental thought leaders. Topics will cover modeling PlumeStop longevity at AFFF-impacted PFAS sites, the anatomy of risk-based closures, and in-situ treatment of PFAS at the air-water interface within a source zone. Each webinar will provide an opportunity for questions and answers. Certificates of completion are available on request. Sign up for the upcoming webinars today!*

* NOTE: We encourage you to register even if you are unable to attend every event since you will receive each of the recordings following their scheduled broadcast dates.

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