Case Study: PlumeStop Barrier Protects Drinking Water Supply Wells

This case study reviews a former chemical manufacturing facility in Texas where PlumeStop® Colloidal Activated Carbon was used in a permeable reactive barrier to halt the movement of chlorinated solvents in groundwater. EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC, a leading multi-disciplinary environmental and engineering consulting firm, contracted REGENESIS to implement the solution. The innovative remedial approach addressed the large PCE plume at the bedrock site under the CERCLA-Regulatory Framework, successfully addressing contaminants in the Ogallala Sandstone. Use the link below to download the complete case study.

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New PFAS Resource Library

Our PFAS Resources have been updated to include a new searchable content library that lets you easily explore case studies, third party journals, webinars and news articles on PFAS remediation. In situ remediation with colloidal activated carbon eliminates risk of PFAS contamination in soil and groundwater at a low-cost. By coating flux zones of an aquifer with colloidal activated carbon, a permeable sorption barrier is created in situ, purifying groundwater as it passively migrates. Use the link below to learn more about PFAS remediation with colloidal activated carbon.

Enhanced MNA – The Future of PFAS Remediation

President and CEO, Scott Wilson published a technical article building on recent Remediation Journal articles outlining an enhanced monitored natural attenuation approach to treating PFAS contaminants. Originally shared on LinkedIn, the article discusses the future of PFAS groundwater remediation: enhanced natural attenuation. If history is a guide, the threat of “Forever Chemicals” (PFAS) spreading from industrial facilities, airports, and military bases will largely be remedied by allowing natural processes to take their course. With the enormous cost of operating inefficient pump and treat systems and the attendant generation of hazardous waste, there is every reason to believe that natural attenuation will become the “go-to” remediation strategy for this suite of contaminants as well. Download the full article below.

Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Bishop, Senior Technical Specialist at Haley & Aldrich

For Elizabeth Bishop, Senior Technical Specialist at Haley & Aldrich, Inc., working in the environmental remediation industry is especially satisfying because she gets to work with great people while simultaneously helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Bishop initially joined Haley & Aldrich as a Technical Specialist eight years ago, before being promoted to her current senior level position. In her current role with Haley & Aldrich, she designs remedies and solutions for contaminated sites, coordinates and plans the implementation, and manages or trains others to oversee or conduct the work. She adds, “I then evaluate the data as it comes in to determine the efficacy of the remedy. I look at sites holistically for natural attenuation, studying the metagenomics and geochemistry, to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the subsurface at my sites.”

Webinar on Achieving Site Closure

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Lori E. Riker, P.E., Sr. Project Manager at Benchmark Civil/Environmental Engineering & Geology. Her presentation will discuss adapting a remedy to achieve site closure for a challenging, century-old, New York Brownfield site. She will be joined by Alana Miller, Northeast District Technical Manager at REGENESIS, who will share how in-situ technologies were adapted for a remedial solution at this site. This webinar begins Wednesday, March 30th at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.

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