Demonstrating PlumeStop’s longevity and effectiveness

Four years of monitoring data and microbial population response and activity prove PlumeStop’s longevity and effectiveness in treating chlorinated volatile organic compounds.

This case study reviews one of the original PlumeStop® pilot tests for in situ groundwater treatment of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs or chlorinated solvents) at a former dry cleaner facility in California, USA. REGENESIS treated the CVOCs using a novel, sorption-enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) approach.

Case study highlights:

  • Multiple Lines of Evidence Show CVOCs Degrading on PlumeStop
  • Four years of monitoring data available
  • This site provided ideal challenge conditions to demonstrate complete biodegradation
  • No Further Action (NFA) status was granted in June 2019 as a result of this pilot study.
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