What is Chlorotoluene?

Chlorotoluene is a colorless liquid with an aromatic odor. Denser than water and poorly soluble in water, Chlorotoluene sinks in water.


Para-, meta, and ortho-Chlorotoluene are used as a solvent and intermediate in making chemicals, pharmaceuticals, synthetic rubber and dyes, and as insecticides. 

Sources & Potential Exposure

Chlorotoluenes are typically encountered in chemical plants, where they are used as precursors or intermediates. Contact with chlorotoluenes can cause acute irritation to skin and eyes, and inhaling can irritate the nose and throat as well.  

Federal Regulations

Chlorotoluenes are on the Hazardous Substance List, cited by DOT and NFPA. NIOSH recommends airborne exposure limits of 50 ppm averaged over a 10-hour work shift and 75 ppm not to be exceeded during any 15-minute work period. ACGIH recommends an exposure limit of 50 ppm over an 8-hour work shift. 

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