Featured Case Study: PFAS and CVOC Remediation Paves Way for Mixed-Use Tower

This case study reviews a site where a combined remedy approach was implemented addressing CVOCs, PHCs, metals, PFAS, and 1,4-dioxane. The successful remedial effort earned the site a Certificate of Completion through New York State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program, facilitating the new development in this commercially valuable area. The project, administered through the NY State Brownfield Cleanup Program, was a former electroplating facility with numerous open vats of chemical solvents and acids that gradually leaked and migrated into the fractured bedrock subsurface beneath the site. SESI Consulting Engineers (SESI), a leading environmental engineering services firm based in New Jersey, completed several phases of Remedial Investigation, revealing site soil and groundwater impacted by CVOCs, PHCs, metals, PFAS, and 1,4-dioxane.

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Video: Large Plume Cost-Effectively Remediated at Former Cannery Site

In this video environmental consulting and engineering firm Patriot Engineering collaborated with REGENESIS to effectively treat CVOCs at a former cannery site in Indiana. The goal at this site was to remediate the chlorinated solvents and eliminate risk, limiting offsite mitigation and bringing contaminants down to Indiana Department of Environmental Management tap water standards. Due to the large size of the plume, cost was a chief concern. After reviewing a range of treatment options, including pump and treat, air sparging with soil vapor extraction, and ISCO combined with ERD, Patriot selected a combined remedial approach from REGENESIS using PlumeStop, S-MicroZVI and 3DME in a sequence of permeable reactive barriers to strongly inhibit plume migration while enhancing biotic and abiotic degradation of the targeted contaminants.

Client Spotlight: Katherine Boniface, Project Geologist at Group Delta Consultants

When Katherine Boniface elected to pursue a career in environmental remediation, a key motivator beyond doing something positive for the environment was the variety and diversity she would see in her work. As a Project Geologist at Group Delta Consultants, a leading west coast geotechnical and environmental firm based in California, Boniface is responsible for technical support and management on a variety of environmental projects. These include Phase I & II Environmental Site assessments, remediation, and litigation support.

Webinar: Risk and Liability, Part 1: PFAS Mitigation

In this two-part webinar series we are pleased to have special guest speakers Hilary Robinson, PE, Emerging Contaminants Lead and Eric Leitz, Director of Legacy Site Services at RPS Group. Their presentations will discuss risk mitigation and managing liabilities, taking at look at PFAS contamination and vapor intrusion. Each webinar will provide an opportunity for questions and answers. Certificates of completion are available on request. Sign up for both webinars today!

Webinar Recording: PFAS Regulatory State of the Union 

In this webinar, we were pleased to have special guest speaker Taryn McKnight, PFAS Practice Leader for Eurofins Environment Testing America. Her presentation discussed regulatory actions at both the federal and state level to address PFAS contamination. She was joined by Paul Erickson, PhD, Director of Research & Development at REGENESIS. The recording of this webinar is available now.

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John Freim, PhD
Director of Materials Science

Using Combinations of Solid Phase Amendments to Accelerate In-Situ Remediation

Todd Herrington
PetroFix Global Product Manager

Colloidal Carbon Via Low Injection Pressure Application and the Path to Site Closure

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Glenn Iosue
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In-Situ PFAS Remediation Using Colloidal Activated Carbon

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John Freim, PhD
Director of Materials Science

In-Situ Remediation Program Paves Way for the Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site in Santa Clara County California


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