Case Study: PlumeStop Successfully Remediates PFAS at Alaska Airport

This case study reviews a site where PlumeStop Colloidal Activated Carbon was applied to treat PFAS resulting from aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) usage at an airport facility in Alaska. The application has reduced the five targeted PFAS below detection limits and applicable cleanup levels in a challenging hydrogeologic environment over a sampling period now approaching two years. In 2017, Fairbanks International Airport began an investigation in collaboration with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Fairbanks office of Shannon & Wilson, a leading Pacific Northwest-based environmental consulting firm, to investigate the extent of PFAS migration from the site. Shannon & Wilson engaged REGENESIS for a pilot test plan to remediate one of the identified AFFF release areas, following successful treatments demonstrated at other sites.

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Joe Galamore Interra

Client Spotlight: Joe Galemore, Sr. Vice President, Environment Services with INTERA Incorporated

Throughout his 30+ year career, Joe Galemore, Sr. Vice President, Environment Services with INTERA Incorporated, a leading international geosciences and engineering consulting firm, has observed various trends and change within the environmental remediation industry. Not surprisingly, one of his most profound observations is the use of cutting-edge technology. He explains, “I have seen the industry change in a couple of big ways. Probably the most obvious change is what I see as a healthy focus on technology and risk, and how uncertainty in subsurface data affects the evaluation of risk. This change is being supported using computer-based tools that quickly evaluate different scenarios and provide the means to visualize the available data and model the various scenarios.” As a Principal Geologist and PFAS Focus Group Lead for INTERA, Galemore is actively involved in the company’s overall operations, which include technical sales, development of business strategic plans, senior technical review of work plans and reports, and serving as an advisor to project managers.

Featured Webinar: A Proven Approach to Reduce Long-Term Risk on Chlorinated Solvent Sites

In this webinar, we were pleased to have special guest speaker Joel Parker, Principal Engineer at Hamp Mathews & Associates. His presentation discussed reducing long-term risk for chlorinated solvent contaminated sites including dry cleaning and industrial manufacturing sites. He was joined by Ryan Moore, Senior Technical Manager at REGENESIS. The full recording of this webinar is now available.

Featured Article: Is Superfund the Future of PFAS? 

This article published in Water & Wastes Digest discusses how PFAS contaminants are likely to be listed as hazardous substances under CERCLA, and the impact this will have on water utilities. REGENESIS provides solutions designed for groundwater and soil remediation. Its colloidal activated carbon (CAC) technology is designed to immobilize PFAS in situ at or near their source. Scott Wilson, REGENESIS President & CEO, notes that PFAS contaminants’ impact encompasses their pervasiveness, non-degrading nature and pending federally enforceable action levels for PFOA and PFOS, which will be established at “unprecedented, low concentrations.”

Upcoming Webinars in our Fall Series

REGENESIS invites you to attend the Fall Webinar Series. Throughout the fall, we will be featuring webinar events with key environmental thought leaders. Topics will cover a PFAS State of the Union, and PFAS mitigation and managing liabilities including vapor intrusion. Each webinar will provide an opportunity for questions and answers. Certificates of completion are available on request. Sign up for both webinars today!

Webinar Recording Now Available: US EPA Grant Allocation for Assessment & Remediation

In this webinar we were pleased to have as special guest speakers from the US EPA Jerry Minor-Gordon, Program Analyst for the Office of Brownfields & Land Revitalization; Cindy J. Nolan, Manager for the Brownfields & Redevelopment Section; and Brian Gross, Environmental Scientist at Region 4. Their presentation discussed US EPA grant allocation for assessment & remediation. The full recording of this webinar is now available.

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RemTEC & Emerging Contaminants Summit

10/4 – 10/6/2022 | Westminster, CO

John Freim, PhD
Director of Materials Science

Best Practices for the Design and Dosing of Permeable Reactive Barriers Incorporating Sulfidated Zero Valent Iron

Paul Erickson, PhD
Director of Research and Development

Performance Summary: In-Situ Colloidal Activated Carbon Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Groundwater

AEHS East Coast Conference

10/17 – 10/22/2022 | Amherst, MA

Maureen Dooley
VP – Industrial Sector

Green Remediation Benefits of In-Situ Activated Carbon Treatments for PFAS Remediation

Tyler Harris
PetroFix Design Specialist

The Importance of Application Methods for In-Situ Injections of Micron-Scale Carbon to Treat Hydrocarbon Spills

John Freim, PhD
Director of Materials Science

Accelerating Anaerobic Bioremediation Using a Mixture of Sulfidated Iron and a Colloidal Organic Electron Donor

PEMA Annual Remediation Conference

10/19/2022 | Seal Beach, CA

Ryan Hardenburger
West Design Services

In-Situ Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater using Colloidal Activated Carbon

Florida Remediation Conference

11/16 – 11/18/2022 | Orlando, FL

John Freim, PhD
Director of Materials Science

Using Combinations of Solid Phase Amendments to Accelerate In-Situ Remediation

Todd Herrington
PetroFix Global Product Manager

Colloidal Carbon Via Low Injection Pressure Application and the Path to Site Closure

NGWA Groundwater Week

12/6 – 12/8/2022 | Las Vegas, NV

John Freim, PhD
Director of Materials Science

In-Situ Remediation Program Paves Way for the Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site in Santa Clara County California


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