‘Removing forever chemicals from drinking water is not an easy task’

In a news article by Ismail Turay Jr. published on 23rd December 2020 in Ensia, an update is given on solutions for PFAS. The article forms part of a nine-month investigation of drinking water contamination across the USA and is titled: ‘PFAS Chemicals are turning up in tap water across the country. How do we get them out?’

The article includes quotes from interviews with Ginny Yingling, senior hydrogeologist in the Environmental Health Division of the Minnesota Department of Healthand and Abinash Agrawal, a groundwater and soil remediation professor at Wright State University in Ohio, among others. Emerging technologies that seek to destroy PFAS such as the metallic catalyst approach and the ex-situ plasma technology are mentioned, alongside an explanation of the in-situ approach of REGENESIS’ PlumeStop colloidal activated carbon. Agrawal and Yingling are quoted saying: Perhaps the most effective in situ PFAS remediation technology available is a product known as PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon.