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Remediation Beneath Residential Housing Estate in Marlow, UK

Treatment of chlorinated solvent contamination within chalk aquifer


Significant chlorinated solvent groundwater contamination (PCE up to 30,000 μg/L) were discovered following the completion of the redevelopment of a former laundry site into a residential housing development.

An in situ remedial method was the only viable option to treat the contamination present beneath the buildings.

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Application works were undertaken using a portable Direct-Push injection rig. In total, 19,000 kg of 3-D Micoemulsion was applied to 15 No. injection points. Remedial works were completed within one week.

What’s Special?

  • Monitoring data 10 weeks post application, demonstrated that ambient geochemical parameters suitable for reductive dechlorination conditions had been established.
  • The parent compound PCE had been reduced to 8,500 μg/L and daughter products, which had previously been at non-detect, were now being recorded; further demonstrating that contamination was being degraded.