• REGENESIS were approached by Redevco and Royal HaskoningDHV to provide an in situ remedial solution for a site impacted by chlorinated solvents originating from a former dry cleaner facility;
  • There was a regulatory requirement for remediation, but Redevco, the site owner, volunteered to actively remediate the pollution instead of the less active approach officially required;
  • This 1,600 m2 chlorinated solvent plume had concentrations up to 20,000 μg/L PCE within the sandy aquifer;
  • REGENESIS provided a solution consisting of six 3-D Microemulsion (3DMe®) barriers, installed across the site using our in-house application services team.
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Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS) successfully applied over 35,000 L of 3DMe across 6 barriers without negatively impacting the ongoing commercial operations. 5 of these 6 barriers were located within the car park of the retail complex, with the final barrier located under the canopy of the supermarket. The injection works were completed in 7 days with no recorded health and safety incidents. This single injection of 3DMe will provide ongoing treatment for up to 5 years, steadily releasing hydrogen into the dissolved phase, fostering an anaerobic environment promoting enhanced, complete, biodegradation of the chlorinated solvents in situ.

What’s Special?

  • Utilising Regenesis in situ technologies can provide 5 years of treatment following a single week of field activity, with no ongoing site presence required;
  • Application of 3DMe via direct push injection does not have to disrupt on site activities;
  • By using RRS, you can be assured that the application of our reagents are done as per our specification, providing surety of results.