The groundwater beneath an industrial unit near Mansfield was contaminated with up to 5,000 μg/L of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)).

It was determined that remediation should be undertaken to protect site users and off-site controlled waters. The consultant-contractor remediated the source zone, plume itself and provide a barrier at the site’s perimeter to prevent off-site migration.

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The site was divided into three target zones: the indoor source area, the down gradient plume area and a barrier on the perimeter of the site. The application rate of Metals Remediation Compound (MRC®) was specifically designed by REGENESIS to match the contaminant loading present in each of these zones.

The injection works onsite were completed using a direct push drilling rig and progressive cavity pump to apply the MRC across the site, taking approximately 2 weeks to complete the works and causing minimal disruption to site activities.

What’s Special?

The MRC application works successfully treated the onsite contamination source and protected the offsite water course without the need for costly and disruptive excavation work or installation of pumping equipment.