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Technical credibility and project success are at the core of the REGENESIS organization. We recognize that with each remediation project or technical design we engage, we are partnering with highly qualified and experienced environmental remediation professionals who have clients relying on them for cost-effective results.

At REGENESIS, we aim to perform at the highest technical and professional level with the goal of continually exceeding customer and project specific expectations. REGENESIS’ efforts are driven by and focused on technology-based solutions, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

REGENESIS thrives on technical challenges, innovation, and problem solving. Our reputation for teaming with leading E&C firms to successfully implement advanced in-situ (in-place) groundwater and soil remediation technologies is without precedent in the environmental industry and throughout the world.

Our patented environmental remediation products are supported by the highest level of scientific research and are derived from direct customer need, optimal technology performance and overall cost.

When it comes to field implementation, no one understands our remediation products better than we do. The REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) Group is highly experienced in delivering the most effective remediation solutions available today. RRS is also committed to using application appropriate equipment, maintaining critical health and safety practices and providing the highest-level of remediation application expertise available.


REGENESIS’ remediation products have been applied on over 20,000 groundwater and soil remediation projects throughout the world. Our solutions-based approach to many of these projects includes remediation design, geochemistry evaluation, reagent applicability and selection, application recommendations, technical oversight and post-application performance review. When it comes to finding the right solution for groundwater and soil treatment, no company has more professional and practical experience than REGENESIS.


REGENESIS is recognized as a global leader in technology-based solutions for the in situ treatment of groundwater and soil contamination.

REGENESIS leads the environmental remediation industry in:

  • Finding and developing viable remediation solutions for environmental remediation professionals
  • Development and injection of specialty chemical technologies to stimulate the in situ degradation of environmental contaminants
  • Advising regulatory agencies throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia on proper methods of in situ application of REGENESIS reagents to maximize project success
  • Partnering with leading environmental remediation equipment companies to develop the specialized tools used today worldwide to successfully apply injectable specialty chemical technologies on in situ remediation projects
  • Publishing recommendations and standards to the remediation industry on the proper design and delivery of specialty chemical technologies to ensure effective product delivery