Duration: 1h
Language: English

REGENESIS is pleased to announce a special vapour intrusion webinar with guest speakers Blayne Hartman of Hartman Environmental Geoscience (USA) and Tom Wuyts, team manager at Terra Engineering & Consultancy, part of Group Van Vooren NV (Belgium). In this live European webinar, Blayne and Tom discuss the challenges of vapour intrusion assessments and the benefits of continuous monitoring. They are joined by Rick Gillespie, Senior Vice President of Land Science, the vapour mitigation division of REGENESIS.

With vapour intrusion assessments, typically only a few contaminant concentration measurements are made, so it is often difficult to reach a conclusion if the vapour intrusion pathway is a concern. The result is that vapour intrusion investigations can drag on for months to years before a conclusion can be reached regarding the potential risk. Such time periods are unacceptable if there is a potential risk to human health.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is a continuous monitoring system and what does it consists of?
  • The benefits of continuous monitoring:
    • Large volume of contaminant concentration data over time for instant recognition of temporal and spatial patterns
    • Combined benefits from simultaneous pressure and climatic data
    • Rapid determination of cause and effect of measured VOC concentrations (<weeks), enabling remedies to be rapidly employed
  • Case study examples from a variety of sites, illustrating the effectiveness of high-resolution data for expediting vapour intrusion assessments.
  • Lessons learned from these sites, on:
    • Temporal and spatial variability of indoor air concentrations
    • Factors influencing contaminant concentrations
    • Immediate mitigation remedies


About the presenters:

Blayne Hartman, Ph.D.
Hartman Environmental Geoscience, USA

Dr. Blayne Hartman is a US recognized expert on soil vapor sampling, soil vapor analysis, and vapor intrusion. He has provided training on soil gas methods and vapor intrusion to State regulatory agencies in over 30 American states, many of the EPA regions, ASTSWMO, Australia, Brazil, Israel and countless stakeholder groups and consultants. He was an instructor in previous training courses given by EPA-OUST, ITRC, API and ASTM.


Tom Wuyts, M.Sc.,
Terra Engineering & Consultancy (TEC), Belgium

After graduating at the University of Antwerp as a Master in Chemistry (cum laude) and having done an additional year of research in the field of Electrochemistry at the same university to develop his skills further, Tom started his career in the private sector in 2004 in the Laboratories Van Vooren, now called Group Van Vooren, to work on remediation projects. In those years he built up an extensive knowledge about both ex-situ and in-situ remediations, and eventually became project leader of several large multimillion dollar projects, including thermal. Although he didn’t forget the importance of working on smaller projects as well. In 2013 Tom was asked to become the Team Manager of TEC, the consultancy company which is part of Group Van Vooren. TEC’s core business includes soil surveys and assessments, risk analysis, remediation projects, and in recent years also more and more asbestos inventories, and not to forget air monitoring assessments (including the automated continuous monitoring known as VaporSafe).


Rick Gillespie,
Senior Vice President North America, REGENESIS and Land Science

Rick Gillespie serves as Senior Vice President North America for REGENESIS and Land Science. In his role, he directs a team of scientists and engineers focused on vapor intrusion mitigation and environmental remediation at a wide variety of contaminated sites. Rick works closely with state regulators, environmental consultants, property owners, and passive barrier applicators on vapor intrusion mitigation projects across North America. He has conducted numerous vapor intrusion training courses and has an excellent reputation for communicating technical content to an audience with a diverse technical background. His career focuses on innovative remediation technologies to treat chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and emerging contaminants in soils and groundwater. He was a co-author on the ‘Multi-Site Air Sparging Design Paradigm’ and contributed to the publication ‘Principles and Practices of Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents. Mr. Gillespie earned his B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma.

Land Science is a division of REGENESIS Inc. in the USA. For more information on Land Science and its vapour intrusion mitigation products, please visit landscience.com

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