Our guest speaker in this webinar is the esteemed Dr. John Freim, ZVI Product Manager and Director of Materials Science at REGENESIS. Dr. Freim discusses the benefits of using zero valent iron (ZVI) as a powerful remediation amendment.

ZVI can be used for the remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, and other toxic substances in the soil and groundwater. Since the launch of S-MicroZVI™ in 2018, over 100 sites worldwide have been treated with this advanced In Situ Chemical Reductive (ISCR) technology.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The concepts of how ZVI technologies work: in situ chemical reduction
  • The benefits of sulfidated, colloidal ZVI − supported by the latest research
  • The differences between S-MicroZVI and other products in the marketplace
  • What to expect when combining technologies:
    – PlumeStop and ZVI
    – ZVI-assisted bioremediation

The presentation is structured around the 4 amendment requirements for successful in situ remediation:

  • Reactivity – Reaction mechanisms of S-MicroZVI versus bare ZVI
  • Distribution – Buoyancy, mixing and injection behaviour of colloidal ZVI suspensions compared to large particle size ZVI
  • Persistence of S-MicroZVI and minimising passivation
  • Ease of Use – Mixing and injection protocols

Dr. Freim is joined by Gareth Leonard, Managing Director of REGENESIS in Europe.


About the presenters:

Dr John Freim
ZVI Product Manager and Director of Material Science | REGENESIS

Dr. Freim has a background  in the processing and synthesis of engineered materials, including metal and ceramic nanopowders. With over 30 years of expertise in materials processing, and 15 years in the environmental remediation industry, Dr. Freim joined REGENESIS in 2018. Throughout his career, Dr. Freim has published and presented at many leading conferences and symposia. He has been awarded numerous grants through the EPA, NIH, DOE, NSF, USAF, and US Missile Defense Agency. With this, and his successful entrepreneurial environmental remediation experience, he brings a distinguished track record to his role as Director of Materials Science at REGENESIS and is a strong complement to REGENESIS’ existing R&D team.

Gareth Leonard
Managing Director, Europe | REGENESIS

Gareth is the Managing Director of REGENESIS in Europe. He leads a dedicated team of in situ remediation specialists to provide solutions for the contaminated land industry. Gareth has over 18 years contaminated land experience, having provided successful remediation designs and implementation for over a thousand projects across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


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