In this webinar, organised by the East Land Quality Forum (ELQF), Jack Shore the District Manager for the UK and Scandinavia at REGENESIS discusses the remedial activities at a historic former timber yard. The site was impacted with high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons and a mixture of pentachlorophenol, trimethyl tin and pesticides (lindane, dieldrin and aldrin, amongst others). The timber yard had been demolished in the 1980s and an office facility was built. Due to divestment, the office parks owner wished to remediate the site before the sale. An integrated remediation strategy was devised to accelerate close out.

This webinar:

  • Demonstrates the activities undertaken including:
    • Flux zone identification
    • Excavation of impacted vadose zone soils
    • Injection testing
    • In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)
    • In situ sorption
    • Enhanced natural attenuation
  • Illustrates the challenges overcome
  • Presents the results of the treatment

About the ELQF:

The ELQF is a dedicated voluntary body offering free seminars for land quality practitioners within the East of England. The aim of the Forum is to allow all those with a professional interest in land quality in the East of England to come together around three times a year.  The Forum will meet, present and receive interesting papers, network in an open and friendly environment and collectively support work towards continuously improving our region’s land quality.


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