Advancing environmental remediation solutions since 1994

We are the European arm of REGENESIS the global leader in the research, development and supply of scientifically proven product and service-based solutions for cost-effective remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.

REGENESIS Europe – Your Groundwater Remediation Partner

We are the European arm of REGENESIS, the global leader in the development and supply of innovative solutions for cost-effective remediation of contaminated land and groundwater. Our patented, controlled-release technologies have revolutionised in situ groundwater restoration by providing lower cost, more environmentally sustainable and effective alternatives to traditional remediation solutions.

Our multi award-winning technologies have been used on more than 26,000 sites to date, in 28 countries worldwide. They are currently being used every working day in Europe.

Our combined offer of innovative products and expert services ensures a high degree of certainty when it comes to meeting remediation objectives, and helps clients save valuable time and money on site.

What we offer

From our offices in Ireland, UK, Italy and Belgium, we actively remediate sites across Europe. We offer an integrated suite of injectable reagents and specialist application services directly to the environmental industry. We provide accurate remedial solutions by identifying the optimal strategy and integration of remediation technologies for each individual site.

REGENESIS in Europe offers:

  • Remediation design and technical support
  • 14 innovative in situ remediation technologies
  • Site application and project management
  • Treatment of a wide range of contaminants, at all concentrations
  • Minimisation of site disturbance and cost
  • Pilot studies
  • Performance-based solutions

Experienced and Dedicated Advice

The global REGENESIS team consists of highly experienced and qualified hydro-geologists, scientists and engineers with hands-on site experience. We are dedicated to the success of every project using REGENESIS products and provide free technical support throughout the life of a project, from design, through application and validation to successful site closure.

Our technologies are appropriate for the effective treatment of a wide range of contaminants in varying site types and conditions.

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