What is 2-chlorophenol?

2-Chlorophenol or ortho-chlorophenol is an organic compound, a derivative of phenol. Related compounds are used as a disinfectant agents and various pesticides. This particular compound has few other applications but is an intermediate in the polychlorination of phenol.2-chlorophenol appears as a colorless to amber liquid with an unpleasant, penetrating odor. Sinks in water and slowly dissolves.


At one time, chlorophenol-treatment was widely used in agriculture, to prevent wood decay in buildings, food containers, and horticultural timbers. Recently, such chlorophenol applications have been considerably restricted in some countries, and as a result, the quantities of non-PCP chlorophenols used in agriculture are minor.

Sources & Potential Exposure

Used as a disinfectant/bactericide/germicide for animal pathogenic bacteria (gram negative and gram positive vegetative) in or on: household premises, sickroom equipment, sickroom premises, swimming pool related surfaces, commercial premises, industrial premises, institutional premises, bathroom premises, urinals, water closets, and garbage containers. The substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its vapor, through the skin and by ingestion.

Federal Regulations

EPA: Not evaluated. IARC: Not evaluated. NTP: Not evaluated.

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Range of Treatable Contaminants