This case study reviews the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) at Scott Air Force Base, a large military base located in Southwestern Illinois that was contaminated with petroleum impacted soil. One month following the application of PetroFix™, contaminant levels reached non-detect. Benzene continued to remain non-detect through March 2020 and the site was recommended for no further action. The final CAP Addendum proposed two rounds of groundwater treatment by injection at Former Tank 85 to reduce benzene concentrations below the groundwater remediation objectives. The first round of injections was completed in February through March 2018 and consisted of the use of REGENESIS’ RegenOx®, coupled with ORC Advanced® to stimulate aerobic bioremediation. The initial injection was successful in reducing most contaminants within the affected area. The second round of injections at the former UST was completed in March 2019 using REGENESIS’ PetroFix micron-scale remedial fluid.

Scott AFB

Case study highlights:

  • Impacted soil was caused by leaking underground piping and removal of two large UST’s
  • Second round of direct push injections included PetroFix to treat lingering BTEX
  • One month following application of PetroFix, BTEX levels were at non-detect and have continued to remain at that level for 5 sampling events